Why would my elderly Parents need Alert Lion MobileDefender when they live with me?

Some life events occur unexpectedly. You may not be home when the need for an emergency help arises. Alert Lion monitoring gets your parent(s) the needed help should the need arise.

What type of alert devices are available?

We have only one type available which is our mobile device with GPS. The mobile device addresses the limitations that come with the traditional in-home devices. With this device you buy into the best option immediately, with no confusing upsells.

Why do we sell only the mobile GPS units?

The idea of buying an Alert Lion MobileDefender is to get coverage EVERYWHERE, not to upsell   to you. The traditional home system works well at close proximity but can cover only up to 1200ft, which is roughly 4 football fields away. If you are in desperate need of emergency services, the emergency service professionals are sent to the home address where the base is located and since you are not there, it will be considered a false alarm. The Alert Lion MobileDefender with GPS, solves this and many other limitations of the traditional systems.

Who is the Alert Lion MobileDefender right for?

The Alert Lion MobileDefender is right for but not limited to, anyone from students who need an extra layer of protection as they carry on their daily activities, to lone workers who may find themselves in situations that they may be needing extra help to seniors who may need additional help staying independent

How do I sign up for Alert Lion?

Click on BUY NOW online or call 800-616-0007 and a representative will answer all your questions and help you with your account setup

Questions about Equipment

How much does the equipment cost?

For us to be able to serve you without having any hidden fees, we do charge a one-time equipment fee of $49.99 due at sign up. We also do not offer any month free but all payments received at sign up with the exception of the one-time device fee is 100% refundable if subscription is canceled within 30 days of the sign up date.

How can I wear my Alert Lion?

Each client has a choice of wearing the device as a necklace or on the waist. Wear your Alert Lion MobileDefender with pride.

Will someone come to install my Alert Lion?

The device is so easy to set up that there is no need for anyone to come and install anything. We actually turn on the devices when we send them to you and use that opportunity to track it and make sure that the right person received it. All you need to do is just to recharge the device and you are good to go.

Lion Services

Can I take my Alert Lion MobileDefender with me everywhere?

Yes, you can. Alert Lion MobileDefender works in every location covered by AT&T in the USA

Is Alert Lion MobileDefender services available in my area?

Yes. Alert Lion MobileDefender services all 50 states

What if I am unable to speak to the operator?

If you are unable to talk to an operator, Alert Lion MobileDefender will automatically send out an emergency response team to your location by contacting the emergency personnel closest to you

GPS and Cellular Service

Do I have to activate my new device in order for it to send and receive location events and alerts?

If you purchased your device from an Alert Lion website ( then your device most likely came pre-activated and is ready to use when you unpack it and turn it on.
If you are still unsure if your device is activated, log on to your portal or call our customer service at 800-616-0007 to verify. There should be an insert in the box that you received that provides you with activation instructions, if required.

Alert Lion MobileDefender

Why does my device look used?

Our products are protected by a thin film wrapper on the face. Often, this will appear as if it is scratched, bubbling or frayed. This is the film cover that protects the new devices. In order to remove the film, gently peel-off the film to reveal the new device.

What is the phone number of my device?

The phone number can be found in your portal. Go to My Devices section and look at the right hand side of the device, next to the IMEI number.

How accurate is the location information?

The location information provided through the website positions the device within 15 feet of its actual location when the device has a connection to multiple satellites simultaneously.
This occurs when it has clear access to the sky. When access to the sky is impaired, the results are often still good and position the device within 1 to 25 feet of its actual location. There are some common forms of interference that reduce the location accuracy and can create a variance of up to 250 feet. These include buildings, warehouses, tunnels, parking garages, and at times heavy weather.

How do I turn on my new device?

Locate the power button on the right side of the device as you look at the front. Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds until the unit vibrates. You will see the blue GPS light as well as the green cellular network light begin to flash.

How long does the device battery last?

The battery life will vary based on environmental conditions, age of the battery, and the frequency of use. Our tests indicate that like your cell phone, the more you use it, the more you have to get it re-charged. On a full charge the battery will last 48 or more hours before re-charging is necessary based on standard use.

How long does it take to recharge my device's battery?

We generally advise customers to recharge their device on a regular basis. For example, this could be nightly or every other night during dinner. It can be re-charged in a matter of a couple of hours if needed. We recommend that you recharge it overnight if possible and to get into a regular routine.

Why does the battery of my device last less than advertised?

How long the battery lasts depends on many environmental and usage specific variables. Think of it like a cell phone. If you make a lot of calls or download a lot of data, the phone’s battery won’t last as long. The Alert Lion MobileDefender works the same way. If you travel or move a lot, the device sends more data and therefore the battery won’t last as long.
Also, if you travel to areas where GPS coverage is relatively low (urban areas with tall buildings) or areas where cellular coverage is sparse, the devices will work harder and longer to connect to these networks which reduce the total time the battery will last.

How does the device notify me where it is?

The device sends alerts to our systems whenever there is information that needs to be transmitted (based on your configuration). When our systems receive this information, we determine whether the information is an alert or not. If it is an alert, we will forward the alert to the people you designated as recipients of that particular alert.

How often is the device updating its location?

It reports its location automatically every 5 minutes when it is in motion. When it is not moving, it will report every hour automatically. These are the default settings and can be adjusted as needed via the online portal or by calling Customer Support. These settings preserve the battery life of the device and reduce the clutter on the Dashboard when viewing the device history.
The device didn’t update the location information in real-time but later it back-filled the missing information. Why?
The device is configured to store its location when it cannot connect to the cellular network. Then, when it connects to the cellular network, it will forward the location information and will, in essence, back-fill what was not relayed in real-time. This eliminates the possibility that the information transmitted will get corrupted because of a poor connectivity and is commonly used by people who go hiking or move through locations where cellular reception may vary.

The device does not show where I am now. Rather, it still shows where I was earlier.

This occurs when the GPS signal is poor and the device uses its last known good location until it connects to the satellites and receives an updated location. You will see a low GPS symbol on the Dashboard when this occurs. This can also occur when the device loses connection to the cellular network and cannot send the updated location to the Dashboard. In this case, you will notice that the time of the last reported location is in the past or is not recent.
In either case it may help to click or quick push the SOS button on the device (less than 3 seconds as to not activate an alert) to force it to reconnect to the satellites and send a new location. Note: this may not work when there is no connection to either the GPS or cellular network but may help re-start the location process.

When I turned the unit on after a long flight, it still has me at the departing city and not where I am now.

After the unit travels long distances while turned off, it has to re-acquire the available satellites and then calculate its location. In order to speed up this process, keep the device in an area with clear access to the sky for about 20 minutes (outside, dashboard of a car, etc.).

Why are my text message and/or email notices not coming through?

There are a few possible reasons. Often for email alerts, a new or updated SPAM filter might re-direct these alerts so check there first and then re-train your filter to allow all email from From time-to-time text messages can be lost by your wireless carrier. Carriers do not guarantee the delivery of all text messages as they may decide it was SPAM or due to a simple failure to deliver the text message. At times email or text messages may be delayed by your cell phone or internet provider.

Will the device disturb people in school, a library, or a movie?

Unlike cell phones the Alert Lion device does not have a ringer and will not disrupt others in your vicinity.

Does the device need to be turned off on a flight?

Yes, because device uses cellular service, the FAA requires that it be turned off during taxi, take-offs, landings and during flights. The device has an On/Off button that shuts the device off when necessary.
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